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Maryland Workers' Compensation Attorneys > Blog > Workers' Compensation > Can I Get Maryland Workers’ Compensation Benefits For A Hernia?

Can I Get Maryland Workers’ Compensation Benefits For A Hernia?


Hernias are a common type of abdominal injury. They can result from heavy lifting and other types of strain, leaving you suffering painful symptoms. These types of injuries often worsen over time and may eventually require surgery. Our Maryland workers’ compensation attorney explains your rights regarding benefits and how they can help you in recovery.

Hernias A Common Work-Related Injury

On-the-job accidents can happen in any occupation. Hernias are common in construction, manufacturing, farming, and other fields that require heavy lifting or other strenuous efforts. According to the Cleveland Clinic, hernias occur due when pressure in the abdominal area causes organs or other tissues to bulge and eventually push through surrounding muscles.

Even a relatively small hernia can cause debilitating pain while interfering with your ability to perform certain types of tasks. Larger hernias can cause obstructions or other problems and may require surgery to repair. Workers’ compensation in Maryland can provide a lifeline in this situation.

Provided your injury is work-related, benefits you are entitled to may cover the cost of all your medical care, reimburse you for lost wages you suffered during recovery, and provide compensation for any long-term disabilities. Ways in which hernias can happen on the job include:

  • Heavy lifting;;
  • Pushing or pulling large items;
  • Operating heavy tools and machinery;
  • Performing any type of arduous or repetitive task that involves abdominal muscles.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits Can Help You Recover From Hernia Surgery

Benefits available through the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission can help ensure you get the medical care you need to recover from a hernia while protecting your financial security throughout the process. However, getting your claim approved is unlikely to be easy.

Hernias are often one of the most disputed types of workers’ compensation. This is because in some cases, it has been an ongoing problem or relates to a congenital condition. To protect your rights to benefits, follow these steps if a hernia impacts your ability to work:

  • Report it to your employer immediately;
  • Make sure an accident report gets filed and details the circumstances involved;
  • If yours is a case of a worsening hernia, make note of the work conditions that aggravated it;
  • See a doctor, get a firm diagnosis, and follow any treatment recommendations;
  • Adhere to all work and other activity restrictions;
  • File your Maryland workers’ compensation claim through the WCC and respond immediately to any correspondence.

Get Our Maryland Workers’ Compensation Attorneys On Your Side

Hernias are a common, painful, and potentially debilitating problem. One of the places they are most likely to happen is on the job. To get the workers’ compensation benefits you need to cover your medical bills and lost wages, get Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP on your side.

Our Maryland workers’ compensation protects your rights in filing a claim, helping you get the maximum amount of benefits you are entitled to. To request a consultation, call or contact our office online today.




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