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Choosing the Right Attorney Matters…See Why

When your health, career and you and your family’s financial well-being are on the line, it is crucial that you pick the right attorney. Not one who is a “Johnny come lately” or falsely promises you better results. Rather, what are needed are an attorney and a firm who has a proven track record, who will be in it for the long term with you, and who has credibility and the respect of the Workers’ Compensation Commissioners and judges who will hear your case.

If you, or someone that you know and care about, is in the situation of having to find and select the right attorney for their worker’s compensation or personal injury case, have them remember the phrase “S.W.I.P.E.” Below is an explanation from our founding partner Ken Berman as to how this phrase has helped victims to find the right attorney for their situation.

(S) StabilityBerman | Sobin | Gross LLP have been practicing workers’ compensation and personal injury law for over thirty five years with a combined experience of over a hundred years. Each of our partners has received the highest rankings from our peers and has a partnership and staff that has remained consistent and engaged for three decades. Rare in the world of law firms, each attorney not only respects and admires the other attorneys, but has grown up in the culture of service to the client. Each client receives a team of attorneys and staff that oversees his/her case, ensuring the possible maximum outcome.

(W) Wisdom – 35 years and thousands of cases has given us the wisdom into both the law and the unique situations that arise for fire fighters – such as how to protect them for the unusual injuries, light duty in the department, work hardening, heart disease, stress, hypertension, lung diseases, hearing loss, and PTSD as well as the many other issues that fire fighters face. In addition, having tried thousands of cases before the Commission, a certain wisdom has developed as to how to present the case in the best possible light that ensures the largest result for the fire fighter.

(I) Integrity – When choosing an attorney, it is important to research their background. Determine if an attorney you are considering for representation has ever been sanctioned or received any disciplinary action (these are a matter of public record and can be accessed through the Attorney Grievance Commission and Office of Bar Counsel’s website http://www.courts.state.md.us/attygrievance/). All of the attorneys at Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP not only have the highest rankings by professional organizations but none of them have ever faced even a hint of disciplinary action and are respected by not only their peers but by the Commissioners and judges across the state of Maryland. If the attorney or law firm you are considering for representation possesses questionable marks on their background, be wary.

(P) Professionalism – Each of the attorneys at BSGF&D carries themselves with the utmost professionalism and does not cut corners or take ethical shortcuts. We are proud of who we represent and how we represent them. This has garnered us the respect in the community by not only the people who decide the cases but also by the adjusters and attorneys representing the other parties. It is important that you, when injured and seeking recovery and future protections, be proud of your attorney and the representation that you receive. We guarantee you that you will be when you choose Ken Berman and Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP.

(E) Experience – In addition to the thousands of hearings at the Commission level, we have handled more jury trials on behalf of fire fighters in the circuit court than any other firm in the state of Maryland. We have also tried more appeals and made more law for fire fighters and other public safety employees in the high courts than any other firm in the state of Maryland. Be sure to find out if the attorney who handles your hearing before the Commission will also be the attorney who handles the appeal if either side appeal. It is, in most firms, normally not the same person and they will not know your case from the beginning. An important question to ask your attorney is “How many jury trials does each attorney in your firm have?” This will help you to evaluate the strength and depth of the firm and will also reveal the experience level of the attorney you interact with and whom will be representing you at your workers’ compensation hearing. At Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP it is a policy that we handle all aspects of the case from start to finish because the livelihoods of our clients and on-the-line along with the reputation of our firm.

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