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Workers’ Compensation For Restaurant Employees


Restaurants are a huge industry and their success is completely dependent on the service of their staff. However, restaurants are not the safest place to work. In fact, they are quite dangerous, particularly for staff who work in the kitchen, or have to travel in and out of it. If you have been injured at your restaurant job and are unsure of next steps or what options are available to you, you have come to the right place, and the good news is, you have options. If you are classified as an employee, you qualify for workers’ compensation for any injuries you suffer at work as a result of your employment. Statistically, restaurant employees are injured often. In fact, each restaurant in the United States averages four new workers’ compensation claims each year, and these claims cost each restaurant an average of $45,600. Clearly, it’s expensive for restaurants to keep letting their employees get hurt. One way to encourage more preventative measures, safety training, and precautions, is to hold your employer accountable when you are injured as a result of your working conditions or your employer’s negligence. You can do this by filing a workers’ compensation claim, which a lawyer can help you with.

Common Restaurant Injuries

There are an almost infinite number of ways to be injured at a restaurant, however, the most common source of injuries among restaurant employees is cuts, lacerations, and punctures. 22% of reported injuries among restaurant employees fall into this category. These injuries are often caused by broken glasses or dishware, issues with the dishwasher or equipment, and contact with knives and other kitchen utensils. The second leading cause of injury among restaurant employees is slip-and-fall accidents. 20% of all injuries among restaurant employees fall into the category of slip-and-fall accidents, and the vast majority of these accidents happen near sinks and by fryer vats, generally because there was water, oil, or another liquid on the floor. Next up, accounting for 15% of all injuries, are sprains, strains, and soft tissue injuries. These injuries can occur due to overexertion (such as carrying too heavy of a tray or unloading heavy stock) or attempting to reach awkwardly placed or hard-to-reach items. Finally, burns and scalds, causing 13% of all injuries among restaurant employees, are also a significant safety hazard. These can be caused by boiling water, hot oil, cooking food, and hot stovetops and equipment. There are approximately 12,000 incidents of burns each year in restaurants that result in workers’ compensation claims being filed. It’s suspected that the number of burns is actually much higher, but that more minor burns are treated with first aid and do not result in a filed claim.

Talk to a Maryland Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you are a restaurant employee who has been injured on the job, the experienced Maryland personal injury attorneys at Berman, Sobin, Gross,  LLP are prepared to help you navigate the workers’ compensation insurance process, advocate for your needs, protect your rights, and ensure that you receive the maximum settlement and benefits that you are entitled to. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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