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Have You Been In Contact With The Weed Killer Roundup

Have You Been In Contact With The Weed Killer Roundup?Odds are that at some point in your life, you have used or come into contact with Roundup Weed killer. Introduced to the market in 1974, Roundup is one of the most commonly used herbicides and is currently available in more than 130 countries. Roundup utilizes a chemical know as glyphosate to kill weeds and grasses which interfere with the growth of crops or desirable plants. Roundup has consistently marketed their products as “environmentally friendly” and “biodegradable” which lulled consumers into a false sense of safety. In actuality, the ingredients in Roundup, including glyphosate, have been known to cause cancer, specifically Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Contamination From Using Roundup Weed Killer

Contamination can occur in various ways:- by direct contact with the liquid pesticide, by breathing the airborne particles disbursed while spreading the product, or by ingesting the product by way of the plants in the vicinity of where the pesticide was spread. While certain segments of the population are at a higher risk of developing cancer, a study by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, a branch of the US Department of Health and Human Services, conducted an alarming study which revealed that a child’s chances of developing brain cancer doubled when they had at least one parent previously exposed to Roundup within two year prior to the child’s birth. These instances of cancer are alleged to be caused by damage to a person’s DNA as a result of the exposure to glyphosate.

See If You Qualify

Our research has shown that Roundup failed to properly research the link between the chemicals they utilized in their product and the risk for cancer. Additionally, Roundup failed to warn consumers about the potential risks associated with exposure to their products. Companies like Roundup should not be allowed to profit from these callous decisions. Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP is reaching out to our current clients and their families to see if they qualify for inclusion into a large scale suit against Roundup. If you would like to be considered for this suit, please visit our website and complete a brief questionnaire to see if you qualify. You can also reach our Roundup hotline directly at 301-355-6680 or submit questions electronically using roundup@bsgfdlaw.com.

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