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Maryland Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Around one hundred people are killed every year in pedestrian crashes in Maryland. According to the state, 92 percent of victims in pedestrian crashes were either killed or injured. While there are more car crashes in Maryland than pedestrian crashes, the risk of a pedestrian crash resulting in death is much higher than the possibility of death in car crashes.

Statistics indicate that cars are more likely to strike people at night, in urban locations, and outside of intersections.

While pedestrians need to be cautious when walking around drivers, motorists also must be careful and should keep an eye out for pedestrians. The need for caution is especially crucial now, as the number of people killed in pedestrian crashes has been on the rise in recent years. Studies indicate that a large part of the problem is SUVs, which are more likely to kill a person than are smaller vehicles.

If you were struck by a car, you should contact a Maryland pedestrian crash attorney to learn what options you have for recovering compensation from the person who caused the accident.

At Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP, our experienced attorneys work to represent crash victims and help them get the support and compensation that they need. Call us today at 410-769-5400 to discuss your claim.

Pedestrian Accident Causes in Maryland

Pedestrian crashes are frighteningly common in the United States, but they are also preventable. Many crashes that leave victims injured or worse take place outside of crosswalks. In situations with poor lighting, drivers frequently fail to see a person in the roadway. Motorists who are speeding make the situation more dangerous because they give themselves less time to react and cause more serious collisions.

Drivers who are turning strike pedestrians often as well. In these cases, the pedestrian may even have a walk sign, but the driver might be more focused on looking for other cars than on looking out for pedestrians.

There are plenty of roads that have no sidewalks and where it is not uncommon for people to run along the roadway. In these cases, motorists should give pedestrians plenty of space and should not speed or travel too fast for the conditions of the road. Pedestrians do have the right to walk in the road in certain circumstances, and drivers are obligated to share the road with people, bikes, and other cars.

Of course, in many cases, drivers who cause pedestrian crashes are not paying attention, or they are speeding or drunk. Common dangerous driving behaviors lead to many accidents on the road, including those that involve pedestrians. When a pedestrian is a victim, the consequences are more devastating.

If you suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident, you could seek compensation from the person who struck you. Contact an experienced Maryland personal injury attorney who can evaluate your claim.

How Can I Seek Compensation After a Maryland Pedestrian Crash?

If you suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident, you likely received medical care. Such treatment is often costly, and many injuries take time to heal. Some victims of pedestrian crashes will miss time at work, and others may never be able to return to the job they had before they suffered injuries.

When you hire an attorney, that professional will review your claim and injuries and develop a strategy for obtaining compensation from the person who hurt you. The process may start with negotiations aimed at reaching a settlement. If settlement negotiations are unsuccessful, then the case will go to court. Your attorney and the defendant’s attorney will exchange information through a process called “discovery,” which might include depositions of the parties and witnesses.

While many cases settle prior to trial, not all claims will. Your attorney can then take your claim to trial, where a jury will reach a verdict.

If the driver is found liable, you will be awarded damages. Damages include coverage for your injuries, your pain and suffering, and your lost wages.

Maryland Negligence Laws

Maryland follows a system referred to as “contributory negligence.” Contributory negligence is less common than comparative negligence and is typically a harsher system for plaintiffs. When a person is found partially at fault for his or her injuries, the results are that the victim is not able to collect damages from the other liable person, even if the other person was the one most at fault. In most jurisdictions outside Maryland, the court can split liability between the parties, and damages are reduced but not prohibited if a person was partially at fault. Here, it is critical to have legal help to avoid being unfairly marked with responsibility for an accident you didn’t cause.

If you were injured in a pedestrian crash, your attorney would be able to provide you with specific information that applies the law to your case.

Hiring a Pedestrian Crash Attorney in Maryland

If you were struck by a car, you could be entitled to collect compensation from the person who harmed you. Hiring a dedicated Maryland pedestrian crash attorney is the first step to take in getting the help that you need. Call Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP today at 410-769-5400 to discuss your case.

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