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Frederick Rear-End Collision Attorney

Studies indicate that most people will experience three or even four car accidents in their lifetimes. Many of those will, fortunately, be minor. With about 1.7 million rear-end crashes occurring annually in the United States, there is also a good chance that you will be in one of these incidents. Rear-end collisions are often considered minor crashes. And indeed, some of these wrecks are nothing more than fender benders that occur when a distracted driver takes his or her foot off the brake pedal too soon at a traffic light. However, others are devastating crashes that leave severe injuries and deaths in their wake. About 1,700 people die in rear-end crashes each year. Some of these incidents occur at high speeds, such as on highways when traffic slows down, but a driver fails to notice as much and barrels into a slow or stopped car ahead.

Whether a rear-end crash is minor or severe, the cause is often the same: inattentive drivers. Studies show that about 87 percent of these crashes are the result of people whose focus is not on the road ahead. Of course, that means that these crashes are largely preventable.

If you were injured in a crash because another driver rear-ended you, contact Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP today at 301-668-2100 to discuss your claim.

Liability in Frederick, Maryland Rear-End Crashes

When it comes to a rear-end impact, the fault tends to lie with the rear driver. The reason is that the driver in the back is the one who has control over how closely he or she is following the driver ahead. If the rear driver is going too fast or following too closely, then he or she may not be able to stop if a car ahead stops. Even if the vehicle ahead stops unexpectedly, the rear driver has the responsibility to stay far enough back to avoid an unexpected stop from turning into a crash.

The fact that liability often is entirely with the rear driver can help a person injured in one of these crashes collect compensation. In Maryland, the state does not allow a person to collect compensation if he or she is partially to blame for the impact that caused his or her injuries. In most states, a person can collect such compensation but will see the total amount reduced to reflect his or her share of fault.

Car crashes are often messy events, and in many cases, there are arguments to be made that more than one party caused the crash. Your injury attorney can defend you against unfounded allegations that you were to blame while building a strong case that proves the other driver’s negligence.

If you were injured in a car accident and want to know more about how liability is determined in rear-end impacts, contact a Frederick, Maryland car crash attorney to discuss your claim.

What are Common Injuries in Frederick, Maryland Car Crash Cases

When it comes to rear-end crashes, many people suffer soft tissue injuries such as those referred to as whiplash. Others may experience more severe injuries, including head trauma, broken ribs, arm injuries, spine injuries, back injuries, and facial injuries. Factors such as the speed at which the crash occurred and the types of vehicles involved will play significant roles in how devastating the impact will be for the people in those vehicles.

Many people involved in relatively minor rear-end crashes are shocked to discover that they suffered injuries despite the relatively low-speed impact. Even in minor crashes, the impact can be jarring and lead to pain that might last for an extended amount of time and impact a person’s life. The injuries do not always appear early on because people are disoriented and full of adrenaline after a crash. It is often a good idea to get checked by a doctor after a crash if you are at all concerned that you might be injured.

Crash Avoidance Systems and Rear-End Crashes

Many newer cars have crash avoidance technology that works to prevent rear-end collisions from taking place. Some systems alert drivers when they are getting too close to an object like another car. Other systems will brake on their own to avoid a crash.

Now even more advanced systems exist that allow cars to handle many driving tasks. Such vehicles, including many Teslas, can make drivers overestimate the ability of their vehicles. These drivers sometimes cause crashes as well because the cars are not intended to be autonomous. Extreme examples involve drivers who watch movies and play video games on their phones under the false impression that they do not need to operate their cars. Although driverless cars may be inevitable in the future, no drivers should be treating their vehicles as if they are fully autonomous now, and doing so is a form of negligence.

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