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Maryland Workers' Compensation Attorneys > Blog > Workers' Compensation > Maryland Vocational Rehabilitation – Don’t Put All Your Eggs In The Insurance Company Basket

Maryland Vocational Rehabilitation – Don’t Put All Your Eggs In The Insurance Company Basket

By Ari Laric, Esq.

Vocational rehabilitation is all about finding “Suitable Gainful Employment.” Employment is a job. Gainful is one that pays money, so the real question is what is Suitable? As an injured worker, when you’re receiving vocational rehabilitation benefits you have the opportunity to work with a vocational counselor to try and find a job that you can do. The vocational counselor works with you to develop a plan that takes into consideration your:

  • Age
  • Past work history
  • Past school history
  • Transferable skills
  • Physical limitations from your injury

The vocational counselor does not work for the insurance company, but they do get paid by the insurance company.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in vocational rehabilitation:

(1) No guarantee to a job with the same company.

(2) No guarantee to a job within the same industry.

(3) No guarantee to a job making the same amount of money, and

(4) No guarantee to a job that you like.

In today’s economy it’s hard enough for people who are not injured to find a job. But for an injured worker, who may now have physical limitations, and may now be looking for a type of employment that they have never done before, it can be very hard.

Vocational rehabilitation is a right under the law and it’s a protection for injured workers. However, don’t put all your eggs in the insurance company basket!

Don’t rely on the vocational counselor to find you a job!

While in vocational rehabilitation, it’s important to do everything that the vocational counselor says, so that your benefits continue. However, it’s important for YOU to find yourself a job. If you sit around waiting for the insurance company to help you out, do you really think you’re going to get the best job possible?

By doing the work on your own, and finding a job for yourself, you’re more likely to find the best situation for you. When you find a job for yourself:

  • It’s more likely going to be a job in the industry you want it to be in,
  • It’s more likely going to be a job that pays you the amount of money that you want, or at least a job that is a step in the right direction towards earning the type of money that you want
  • It’s more likely going to be a job that you actually like!

Ari Laric’s telephone number is 410-769-5400 or 800-248-3352.

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