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Four Common Issues That Can Complicate You Maryland Workers’ Compensation Claim


Workers’ compensation benefits in Maryland act as a form of insurance. They protect you when on the job accidents or work-related illnesses happen. Benefits you may be entitled to through the workers’ compensation system help in covering the costs of your medical care and providing reimbursement for lost wages and other expenses. However, getting your benefits approved can be a lengthy and challenging process. Our Maryland workers’ compensation attorney explains four common issues that could complicate your claim.

Issues That Can Make It Harder To Get Workers Compensation Benefits in Maryland

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, close to 45,000 on-the-job injuries and illnesses are reported each year. In addition to the impacts on your health, it can have a devastating effect on your family and your finances, making it difficult to ever fully recover. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits in Maryland are available and provide compensation for your losses, but the following four issues could make getting your claim approved harder:

  1. You suffer an occupational disease.

Occupational diseases can happen due to breathing toxic fumes, handling hazardous substances, or being routinely exposed to a high-stress environment. Unfortunately, many illnesses tend to develop slowly and over time. This and proving that your work environment is to blame could complicate the claims process.

  1. You have a pre-existing condition.

Pre-existing conditions do not prevent you from being eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. However, be aware that the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC) is likely to go through your claim with a fine-toothed comb to ensure any new aggravation of your injury is work-related.

  1. You failed to report the incident immediately to your employer.

One of the first steps when on-the-job accidents happen, or when you are diagnosed with an occupational disease, should be to let your employer know. Not informing your employer and the WCC as soon as possible can result in denied benefits.

  1. You failed to get medical care or follow your doctor’s instructions. 

After reporting your injury or illness, visit one of the doctors approved through your employer. Report all symptoms, follow their instructions regarding testing and treatment, adhere to any activity restrictions, and keep copies of all medical records and statements. Following doctor’s orders and maintaining a paper trail to prove you did, provides vital evidence when filing a claim.

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On-the-job accidents and occupational diseases can have devastating impacts on both your health and your finances. Workers’ compensation benefits in Maryland can help with getting medical care and reimbursement for lost wages, but it is common for claims to get denied or delayed.

To get the maximum amount of benefits you are entitled to in the most efficient amount of time possible, get Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP on your side. Give us a call or contact our office online and request a consultation with our experienced Maryland workers’ compensation attorney today.




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