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Did You Know You Can Get Workers’ Compensation For These Injuries?


If you are employed in Maryland, you’ve likely heard of workers’ compensation, as most Maryland employers are required to carry it. Workers’ compensation insurance is essentially an implied agreement between an employer and employee, that if an employee is injured as a result of their job, their employer will provide medical care and wages while they recover. This allows businesses to function more smoothly by avoiding dozens of employee lawsuits, and employers to work assured that if they are injured they will be cared for. But while certain workplace injuries, such as a broken ankle sustained by a warehouse worker falling from a ladder, other injuries may not occur to us to report and request coverage for.

Overlooked Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Workers’ compensation insurance is meant to provide coverage for any injuries sustained during an employees’ course of employment and for the benefit of their employer. This means that not all injuries incurred in the workplace are covered. For instance, if you are roughhousing in the warehouse and are injured, that was not for the benefit of your employer, even though it was during working hours, and the injury would likely not be covered. However, there are many times we are injured as a result of our work that we may not think to report, for instance, injuries and disabilities that develop gradually over time.

  • Eye strain. Many employees spend hours a day staring at computer screens, and suddenly find themselves, after a few years, experiencing migraines, needing a stronger prescription in glasses, and suffering other symptoms associated with diminishing eyesight and strength.
  • Hearing loss. This is particularly relevant in noisy environments, such as manufacturing facilities and those where loud equipment is used. Over time, even if taking proper precautions, such as wearing protective ear gear and ear plugs, this can lead to partial or total hearing loss.
  • Back pain and disk degeneration. Over time, lifting and heavy labor can take a real toll on your back. The wear and tear can catch up with you, causing serious back pain and problems. This is compensable under workers’ compensation if it can be tied to your work duties.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Many employees consider carpal tunnel to par for the course in desk jobs, due to the repetitive motions required when typing and using a mouse. Even handwriting can cause this injury. However, you can receive workers’ compensation coverage to treat this injury. Moreover, leaving it untreated can result in much more debilitating wrist, hand, and arm injuries later on.
  • Heart attack. High stress jobs can cause a plethora of health-related problems, and they are not automatically let off the hook for them. If you suffered a heart attack due to a prolonged exposure to stress at work, workers’ compensation can cover your injury. In some fields of work, such as for firefighters, police officers, and some correctional officers the connection between the work and stress-based conditions is presumed, so they don’t even have to establish a causal connection in order to receive workers’ compensation.

Talk to a Maryland Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you have suffered a workplace injury and are struggling to receive the compensation and support that you are legally entitled to, the experienced Maryland workers’ compensation attorneys at Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP, are ready to fight for you and help you seamlessly navigate this process. Call today to schedule a free consultation.



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