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Maryland Workers' Compensation Attorneys > Maryland Rideshare Accident Attorney

Maryland Rideshare Accident Attorney

Rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber are popular in markets across the United States. With more of these cars on the road, the risk of crashes involving these rideshare services becomes greater. If you were hurt while traveling in a rideshare vehicle, or by a rideshare driver, you probably have questions about your rights and how to collect compensation.

One of the biggest issues involving rideshares is whether the driver’s insurance covers the crash or the company’s policy is responsible. That answer can be quite complicated because rideshare companies state that drivers are not employees of the company, and their insurance coverage changes depending on the driver’s status at the time of the crash.

If you were injured in a crash involving a rideshare driver, then you should contact an attorney today to discuss your claim. At Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP, our dedicated attorneys are available to help you develop a strategy to recover the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries. Call us at 410-769-5400 to discuss your claim and learn your legal options.

Rideshare Liability is Complicated in Maryland

One move rideshare companies have made is to provide more insurance coverage when passengers are in a car than when the driver is alone in the vehicle. The results could be frustrating because if you were injured when a rideshare driver struck you while “deadheading” and waiting to pick up a passenger, you can collect much less than would be available if a passenger were already in the car. Of course, for you, as the victim, the fact that a passenger is or is not in the car makes no difference as far as the driver’s liability or the extent of your injuries. However, it means a huge difference as far as how much coverage is available.

Rideshare companies know that passengers may be uncomfortable with using these services unless they are adequately insured. Therefore, if a passenger is in the vehicle or the driver has matched with a ride request, the amount of insurance coverage is much higher than if a passenger has not yet been matched.

For passengers, the good news is that there will be significant coverage if they get injured in a crash. For people in a separate vehicle involved in a crash with a rideshare driver, the amount of coverage will vary from the driver’s own minimum liability insurance to the rideshare company’s tiered levels of coverage. While some coverage will apply, it might not be enough to cover in the event of really serious injuries.

Negligence Claims Involving Rideshares

In Maryland, the courts follow what is called “contributory negligence.” This legal policy means that if a person is partially responsible for his or her injuries, then that person cannot collect compensation from another individual, even if that other person is more at fault. Many people find this system unfair, but it is the approach that the state uses.

When it comes to passengers in a rideshare vehicle, it is very unlikely that a person will be even partially responsible for his or her own injuries. While there could be some instances where a passenger might be partially to blame, such as if the person in the rideshare was intentionally distracting the driver, these scenarios are not common.

For victims who were in another car that was involved in a crash with a rideshare car, the issue of contributory negligence can become more of an obstacle, but not in all cases. There are plenty of times when one party will be found completely at fault for a crash.

If you were injured in a car crash involving a rideshare company in Maryland, contact Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP to learn how we can help you pursue a claim.

What Can You Recover in a Negligence Claim

A successful claim means that the injured person can recover compensation in the form of damages. Compensation will cover the following:

  • Medical costs
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage-related costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional suffering

The damages will cover not only the money that you already spent on medical care but also the future predicted costs. The same will apply for future losses in earnings that the crash caused.

It is important to note that some of these damages are economical and can be calculated, while others are more abstract. You may wonder what exactly your pain and suffering are worth. To arrive at the amount for pain and suffering, the court will use a multiple of your economic damages. In most cases, your non-economic damages will be greater than your monetary damages.

Contacting an Attorney for a Maryland Rideshare Car Crash Claim

If you were injured in a rideshare crash, you could collect damages for your injuries. Recovering compensation can help the injured person through the recovery process. In many cases, a victim of a car crash will lose income, which will not only impact their life but their whole family.

The legal system offers injured individuals a way to recover for their injuries so that the stress and burden caused by the collision are shifted in part to the person who caused the injuries.

Call Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP today at 410-769-5400 to speak to an experienced Maryland personal injury attorney.

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