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Maryland Hit & Run Accident Attorney

Being in a car crash can be frustrating at best, but in many unfortunate cases, the results are tragic and traumatic. One of the most terrible situations occurs when a driver causes a crash and then flees the scene. For the victims of that collision, the careless actions of that other person are devastating. They can also potentially make injuries worse for the victim who may not get prompt medical care.

Hit-and-runs can also leave families struggling to cope with questions and a lack of closure after fatal crashes. While most people find the idea that a driver may be callous enough to leave injured people at a crash scene, these horrible collisions are on the rise.

The AAA found an average annual increase of 7.2% in hit-and-run fatalities from 2009 through 2016. Most victims of serious hit-and-run crashes are pedestrians and cyclists. These individuals are more vulnerable, and drivers who strike pedestrians are less likely to suffer severe damage to their cars. As such, these individuals are presented with the option to flee because their cars can still operate. Sadly, in the case of pedestrian crashes, about one out of five drivers do choose to leave the scene. The AAA also found that crashes between cars that involve a driver who leaves the scene are increasing as well.

If you were injured in a hit-and-run crash, you might wonder whether you have any options to recover compensation. At Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP, our experienced Maryland car crash attorneys can evaluate your claim and discuss your options for recovering compensation.

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Maryland Law Enforcement Officers Often Identify Hit-and-Run Drivers

While hit-and-run drivers may appear to flee without a trace, in our modern world, disappearing is not easy. There are many ways that the police can catch hit-and-run drivers. Some methods used to identify hit-and-run drivers are as follows:

  • Witness statements and descriptions
  • Calls to the police from those with information about the driver or the vehicle
  • Security cameras
  • Physical evidence left at the scene of the wreck, such as paint or car parts
  • Notice from repair shops where the driver took the car

Maryland also has a rapid alert law that allows police to get the word out to the public after a hit-and-run crash takes place. Through this program, police often get news of the involved vehicle’s location and can then find the person who caused the crash.

Getting Compensation After Maryland Hit-and-Run Crashes

After a hit-and-run crash, there are several ways to collect compensation for your injuries. Even in cases where the driver was not apprehended, you might be able to collect damages. One avenue is to pursue an uninsured motorist claim from your insurance company. Your insurance policy must have coverage for uninsured drivers. If a hit-and-run driver injured you, the policy should cover you in the same way that it would if the driver stayed but did not have insurance coverage. You may want to review your policy to understand how much coverage you are carrying. It is important to remember that you will still have to make a case with your insurer.

Hiring an attorney to handle your uninsured motorist claim can help you get the compensation that you are owed and can ensure that you are treated fairly throughout the process. In these cases, your own insurer is filling the shoes of the driver who harmed you. The relationship between you and that insurance company can therefore become adversarial and complex.

In many cases, the driver will be located, and your attorney can also help ensure that the police are following up on the investigation.

If the authorities do find the driver, then your attorney will work to determine whether that individual had insurance and will endeavor to obtain compensation from that company. If the person is not insured, it may still be worthwhile to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver in order to seek damages from that person.

The right course of action will vary depending on the facts of your case.

Why You Should Seek Compensation Following a Maryland Hit-and-Run Crash

If you were injured in a hit-and-run crash, you likely have medical expenses and may have also lost wages. The financial burden of that crash should not be placed on you when the other driver was at fault. When a hit-and-run crash ends in death, filing a claim can help recover lost income and cover funeral costs. In any of these cases, compensation can help relieve some of the financial stress caused by another person’s wrongful actions.

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