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Maryland Workers' Compensation Attorneys > Maryland Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Maryland Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Every year, more than ten thousand people lose their lives in collisions caused by alcohol-impaired motorists. Thousands of others suffer injuries because of drivers who chose to get behind the wheel after drinking. Not one of these injuries or deaths had to happen; each one was completely preventable.

If a drunk driver injured you, you have a right to be compensated for the harm that person caused you. In the tragic event that you lost a family member in one of these crashes, you can take steps to hold the driver accountable.

At Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP, our compassionate and dedicated team of car crash attorneys is ready to take on your case and fight for the compensation that can help you recover or cover the financial burdens created by the loss.

Contact us today at 410-769-5400 to speak to one of our experienced Maryland injury attorneys and learn how we are here to help.

Drunk Driving in Maryland

When it comes to drunk driving arrest rates by state, Maryland falls somewhere in the middle of the list. In terms of alcohol-related crash fatalities, the state ranks better than most and has the eighth-lowest number of drunk driving deaths in the country. Still, even one such death is too many, and the fact that Maryland is relatively low on the list means little to those who lose loved ones or suffer injuries because of an impaired driver in Maryland.

Data indicates that one out of every three deadly wrecks and ten percent of all crashes in the state are alcohol-related. Despite efforts to make Maryland’s roads safer, there is still an average of 7,400 collisions annually.

Drunk Driving Crashes Are Some of The Worst Accidents

Crashes caused by drunk drivers are often severe and lead to serious injuries. When a driver is intoxicated, they often speed, swerve, and make mistakes that a sober driver would likely avoid. Some crashes, like wrong-way collisions, are more likely to be the result of a drunk driver than a sober one. High-speed accidents caused by reckless drivers can lead to fatalities and life-altering injuries.

Negligence and Drunk Drivers in Maryland

Personal injury lawsuits depend on the concept of negligence. In Maryland, the plaintiff must not be even partially at fault for his or her injuries. The state follows “contributory negligence” principles, which prevent a person from collecting damages even when another person was more at fault than was the injured victim.

In the case of drunk driving crashes, the injured person will often have an easier time making their negligence claim against the impaired motorist. By proving that the driver was drunk, the court will often be inclined to believe that the driver was also negligent and responsible for causing the wreck.

If a drunk driver hurt you or someone you love, you likely have a case against that motorist. Anyone injured in such a crash should not be forced to incur the costs of that other person’s wrongful actions. Contact an attorney to learn how you can recover for your injuries.

Damages Available in a Maryland Drunk Driving Claim

If you were injured in a crash with a drunk driver, you could recover several types of damages. First and foremost, you can collect coverage for your medical costs, including for hospital stays, surgeries, and rehabilitative care. If you lost wages because of your injuries, then you can recover damages for those expenses as well. In some instances, you may anticipate that your future earnings will suffer because of the injuries you sustained in the wreck. Damages should also account for future related losses like anticipated medical bills and lost income.

While many of the available damages will be calculable, it is also possible to recover for your pain and suffering. Because of these non-economic damages, plaintiffs can recover large amounts of compensation. It is also worth noting that jurors do not tend to feel sympathy for drunk drivers and may be more inclined to offer larger awards in these instances.

Statute of Limitations in Maryland Drunk Driving Crashes

Maryland has a three-year statute of limitations for filing car crash claims. The statute of limitations means that for up to three years after the incident, you can initiate a lawsuit. By no means does this mean that anyone should wait to file a claim or contact an attorney. Your best bet is to contact an experienced Maryland car crash attorney early on so that your lawyer can handle any insurers who reach out following the collision.

Maryland Drunk Driving Crash Attorneys

At Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP, we understand that our clients need to focus on their recovery after a crash. Finding out that an irresponsible drunk motorist caused your injuries can add to the pain and frustration in the aftermath of a wreck. Call Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP at (800) 827-2667 to speak to one of our compassionate, experienced Maryland car accident injury attorneys today.

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