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Maryland Dog Bite Attorney

The Importance of an Attorney If You Have Been a Victim of a Dog Attack

Dog attacks can result in devastating injuries. The victim is often literally fighting for their life. The physical and emotional scars left from the attacks have a long-term impact. Our firm has experience representing clients who have been victimized by animal behavior. We understand that the psychological scars are often equal to, or more painful, than the physical injuries sustained in the attack. We are well versed in the law with regard to asserting responsibility and are accustomed to presenting our clients’ damages in a clear and compelling manner. We look forward to being of assistance.

Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Crossbreeds

The Maryland Court of Appeals decided in 2012 that if a pit bull or crossbreed pit bull bites a person, the dog’s owner is “strictly” liable for the injuries. If the dog’s owner is renting the property on which the pit bull is housed, the landlord is strictly liable, as well, if the landlord knew or should have known of the presence of the pit bull on the property on which the attack occurred. This is a distinct departure from previous law and pit bulls and crossbred pit bulls are now considered to be “inherently dangerous” as a matter of law.

Dogs Other than Pit Bulls and Cross Breeds

Normally, a dog owner is only liable for injuries caused by their dog if the owner had prior knowledge that the animal was pre-disposed to inflicting such an injury; commonly referred to as the “one bite” rule. Similarly, a landlord of the dog owner can be held liable only if the landlord had prior knowledge of the dog’s dangerous character and if the landlord maintained control of the premises where the attack occurred or originated from.

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