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Maryland Workers' Compensation Attorneys > Lutherville Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Lutherville Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcyclists know that crashes mean more danger for them than they do for people inside of cars. These open two-wheeled vehicles offer fun and freedom, but they do not provide airbags, seatbelts, and advanced crash avoidance systems. Not only are motorcycles more dangerous because of the safety features that they lack, but they are also in danger because of careless drivers who tend to overlook them on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found that those on motorcycles are 28 times as likely to lose their lives on the road than are people inside of cars.

Many motorcycle crashes in Lutherville, Maryland, are the result of drivers on four wheels. When this is the case, the driver is liable for the injuries that the motorcyclist experienced.

If you were injured in a motorcycle crash caused by another person, you could collect compensation for your injuries. To learn your legal options and develop a strategy to pursue your claim, contact Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP today at 410-769-5400 to speak to an experienced Lutherville, Maryland, motorcycle crash attorney.

Other Drivers Often Create Risks to Motorcycles

Motorcycles are small and more difficult to operate than cars. However, many skilled motorcyclists ride well and responsibly and still end up in devastating wrecks. On the road, you can only control your behavior, and you are at the mercy of all the other drivers around you. When on a motorcycle, the dangers that careless drivers create are even more life-threatening than those for people in cars. Even a minor crash for a person in a vehicle can lead to serious harm for a person on a motorcycle.

Unfortunately, drivers fail to notice motorcycles. One of the most common causes of motorcycle crashes occurs when a driver is waiting to turn left and then chooses to go when a motorcycle is approaching. Left turns, which are risky in any scenario, are even worse for motorcyclists. The situation is so dire that some safety advocates tell motorcyclists to be prepared to slow down whenever approaching an intersection if a car appears ready to turn. There is a good chance that the driver will make that move, leaving the biker with no options other than to reduce speed and brace for impact.

Motorcycles can also end up traveling in the blind spot of a car, which can lead to another common type of motorcycle crash where a driver cuts into the motorcyclist’s lane.

While motorcycles might be small, they are equally entitled to use the road. Drivers who fail to give motorcyclists space and cause crashes as a result are at fault and can be liable to the injured motorcyclist.

What Injuries Are Common in Motorcycle Crashes in Lutherville, Maryland?

When riding a motorcycle, it is a good idea to wear a helmet. Head injuries are the leading cause of fatal injuries for motorcyclists. Helmets are proven to lower the risk of death or severe brain injuries. Although Maryland’s motorcycle helmet law might not be around much longer, wearing a helmet should be about more than just following the law.

Motorcyclists also frequently hurt their legs. When a motorcycle goes down, the first part of the biker to strike the pavement will often be his or her legs. This impact can cause broken bones, damage to ligaments, and lacerations.

Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries are another common result of motorcycle crashes. Victims of such collisions are often left permanently paralyzed. Helmets are not useful in preventing these injuries as they typically impact the person’s neck. Paralyzing injuries can mean that the victim will be unable to continue working and will likely require medical care and possibly caregiving for the rest of his or her life.

Negligence Claims in Lutherville, Maryland

In Maryland, motorcyclists can collect compensation from another driver if that other driver behaved negligently. The state is in the minority when it comes to handling situations where liability is shared in part by the injured person. If a person is in part liable for his or her injuries, then that person will not be able to recover anything from the other responsible party or parties. The victim will be barred under the theory of “contributory negligence.” Most other states will permit the injured victim to recover from a more at-fault person in such cases.

The exception to this policy is that a motorcyclist who failed to use a helmet can still recover from another party who caused his or her injuries through negligent behavior.

If you have questions about your ability to recover, contact a Lutherville, Maryland motorcycle crash attorney.

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