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Maryland Workers' Compensation Attorneys > Lutherville Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

Lutherville Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

Distracted driving is a major safety concern in Lutherville, Maryland, and across the United States. As smartphones become ubiquitous, the problem of texting, emailing, and even watching videos while driving is putting Americans in danger on the road. While phones are most often blamed for distracted driving concerns across the country, there are plenty of other behaviors that can be included under this umbrella. For instance, even eating, talking to passengers, or looking at something on the side of the road can be dangerous forms of distracted driving.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2,841 people died in crashes caused by distracted drivers in 2018. Many of those doubtless had to do with phones. When traveling at 55 miles per hour, a texting driver can cover the length of a football field without looking at the road. Studies indicate that a person will lose focus for five seconds to text or read a short message. While most people understand the dangers associated with texting and driving, this does not mean that they will refrain from engaging in this dangerous behavior. Sadly, many irresponsible drivers put other people’s lives at risk by texting behind the wheel despite the known concerns.

The fact that this type of behavior shows so little concern for the safety and well-being of every driver, passenger, and pedestrian using the road is frustrating. If you were injured because of this behavior, understanding how preventable that injury was can add to your frustration.

It is important to know your rights and that you have the opportunity to collect compensation if you were injured in a crash caused by a distracted driver. Calling a Lutherville, Maryland, car accident attorney is a good first step in holding the negligent driver responsible and getting the help you need.

Call Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP today at 410-769-5400 to learn what we can do to help you recover for your injuries. Our experienced attorneys are ready to fight on behalf of you and your family.

Using a Phone While Driving is Illegal in Lutherville, Maryland

Maryland law prohibits the use of handheld electronics like phones while driving. In 2013, the law became a primary offense, which means that police who spot a driver operating a car while holding a phone can pull that person over even if they do not commit some other driving violation. In some states, using a phone and driving is only a secondary offense. In those locations, an officer can ticket the driver, but only after stopping them for another driving infraction, such as speeding.

The fact that using a phone while driving is against the law means that a driver harmed by a person using his or her phone can claim that the distracted driver was “negligent per se.” Negligence per se makes it easier to prove that the driver is liable because the fact that the person was violating a safety-related law means that he or she will be presumed negligent.

If a driver was distracted because he or she was eating, putting on makeup, or talking to passengers in the car, you can still prove that he or she was negligent due to that distracting behavior, but it will require a bit more evidence. Talk to an experienced Lutherville, Maryland, car crash attorney to discuss your claim.

Lutherville, Maryland Negligence Law

In Maryland, an injured plaintiff cannot be partially responsible for his or her injuries. The theory of “contributory negligence,” which Maryland courts follow, prohibits people from collecting damages for injuries that were partly the fault of the injured person. In most states, the injured person can collect damages in proportion to the other person’s portion of fault. For instance, if the plaintiff bears 20 percent of the liability and the defendant is 80 percent liable, in Maryland, the plaintiff could not recover. In most states, the injured person could collect 80 percent of the damages, with his or her fault causing a 20 percent reduction.

Still, many injured plaintiffs do manage to prove that the other person was entirely liable for the crash. Evidence of distracted driving will help in such a claim.

Hiring an Attorney in Lutherville, Maryland

If you suffered injuries because of a distracted driver in Lutherville, Maryland, contact an experienced car crash attorney to discuss your claim. Every case is unique, but your attorney will be able to review your claim and develop a strategy to help you recover for your injuries. The dedicated Lutherville, Maryland, car accident attorneys at Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP understand how much damage a car crash and the related injuries can cause for a person and a family. Recovering compensation for your injuries can help you focus on getting better and moving on with your life. Call us today at 410-769-5400 to discuss your claim.

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