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Maryland Workers' Compensation Attorneys > Gaithersburg Bicycle Accident Attorney

Gaithersburg Bicycle Accident Attorney

More than just a form of recreation, cycling is now a popular way for workers to get to and from their jobs. Many people throughout the country use bikes as a fast and environmentally-friendly form of transportation. Some cities are working to make their streets more welcoming for cyclists. Crashes involving bikes and cars often result in severe consequences for the person on the bike. Bike lanes can help to lower the chances of one of these collisions, but few places have devoted enough resources to the installation of adequately protected bike lanes. In places like Baltimore, Vision Zero programs are working to prevent many bike-related tragedies through improved cyclist infrastructure, traffic law enforcement, and education campaigns. There are cities around the world where pedestrians and cyclists face far fewer risks than these vulnerable road users do in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, cycling crashes kill about 800 people each year. Many other cyclists sustain injuries, some of which are severe and life-altering.

If you suffered injuries in a bike crash caused by another person, you could collect compensation for the losses related to that collision. At Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP, our dedicated Gaithersburg bicycle accident attorneys are here to help you and your family recover. Call us today at 301-670-7030 to discuss your case.

Negligence Claims in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Maryland negligence law dictates that plaintiffs filing personal injury claims cannot collect if they are partly responsible for their own injuries. Maryland practices contributory negligence, which only a minority of states use when determining liability and damages in personal injury lawsuits. Most states permit a plaintiff who is partially liable to recover a reduced amount of damages. Nevertheless, many injured cyclists are able to recover damages in Maryland. It is important to discuss your claim with an experienced Gaithersburg, Maryland bicycle accident attorney.

Common Causes of Bike Crashes in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Safety advocates tell bikers that it is important for them to ensure that they follow the road’s bike-related rules and make sure that they’re visible to drivers. It is important to follow the rules when riding a bike in part because you are less likely to catch a motorist off guard if you travel in a predictable way. However, cyclists are still at the mercy of drivers. If a driver is distracted or speeding, that motorist will inevitably put even cautious cyclists in harm’s way. Because cyclists do not have the same safety equipment that is available to vehicle occupants, even relatively low-impact collisions can result in severe and even fatal injuries. While cyclists can help drivers notice them by wearing bright-colored clothing, reflective gear, or using lights on their bikes, a motorist who is looking at his or her phone may still fail to see that person.

One common way that bike crashes often take place is when a driver is turning. If a driver is making a right turn, there is a chance of that driver failing to see a cyclist approaching from behind. Such situations frequently cause collisions between cars and bikes. Left turns are also an issue, as drivers may be looking out for cars that are approaching and fail to notice a bike. Drivers also often fail to appreciate how fast cyclists can travel.

Another risk to cyclists is posed by motorists who get out of their cars without looking out for bikes. Cyclists are sometimes severely injured by riding into a car door as a person enters or exits their vehicle. In the worst-case scenario, that impact can cause the cyclist to fall into traffic.

Collecting Damages in Gaithersburg, Maryland Bike Accidents

Car crash damages cover both economic losses as well as non-economic losses. Economic losses resulting from a car versus bike collision can include medical bills, property damage to the bike, and lost earnings resulting from the cyclist missing work. A successful personal injury lawsuit will also account for future medical expenses and lost earnings related to the collision.

Non-economic damages are intended to compensate a person for their pain and suffering and emotional distress that resulted from the incident. Although there may be some estimation involved in calculating future lost wages and future medical care related costs, economic damages are usually fairly straightforward to calculate. Courts have to come up with more creative ways to calculate non-economic damages. In most cases, the non-economic damages amount to greater sums than the economic losses.

To learn more about the value of your claim, schedule a consultation with a Gaithersburg, Maryland bike crash attorney.

Call Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP After a Gaithersburg Bicycle Accident

At Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP, we understand how important your claim is to you and your family. Suffering injuries in a bike crash can be frightening, painful, and expensive. The compensation available to individuals injured by another person’s negligent actions can help the victim heal, support themselves, and support their families throughout what is an extremely difficult time. Call us today at 301-670-7030 to learn more about how the experienced Gaithersburg, Maryland, personal injury attorneys at Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP can help you.

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