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Frederick Truck Accident Attorney

Trucks present serious dangers to all drivers on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that truck accident-related deaths are increasing, even as all other crash categories dropped in 2019. While the data did not offer immediate answers as to why large trucks are creating such problems on America’s roads, these massive vehicles present some fairly obvious dangers.

For instance, given the size difference between trucks and cars, it should come as no surprise that people in cars are at a disadvantage in such impacts. Of course, in addition to the weight difference, there is the fact that large trucks are taller than are cars. When a vehicle collides with the side of a trailer, the consequences are frequently lethal because a car can end up underriding the truck. As a result, the impact will strike at the head level of the people in the car. Needless to say, the results are often fatal.

If you were injured in a large truck crash, you know just how frightening and devastating such incidents are for all involved. You may be wondering what options you have to recover for your injuries. At Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP, we can help you understand your legal rights and options and will work with you to develop a strategy to recover compensation for your injuries.

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Large Truck Crash Lawsuits and Verdicts on the Rise

Recently, plaintiffs are filing more lawsuits concerning truck crashes, and the number of large verdicts won by plaintiffs is on the rise as well. While it is not entirely clear why more of these cases are taking place and resulting in large payouts for the victims injured, certain factors often lead to a jury finding truck drivers at fault.

Truck drivers who violate hours of service regulations will often face harsh results in a lawsuit. Truckers are permitted to spend eleven hours in one stretch on the road. Of course, eleven hours is a long time, and being behind the wheel for so many hours takes its toll. Even drivers who comply with the law put others at risk. Studies show that the rate of crashes increases significantly after eight hours of driving. For long-haul truck drivers and anyone on the road with them, fatigue is a serious life-threatening risk. And yet, some drivers falsify records to spend even more time behind the wheel to meet the high demands of their jobs. If a driver causes a crash after falsifying such records, jurors are not inclined to be sympathetic.

Given the long hours and the need to stay awake, drivers sometimes resort to drugs as a way to fend off sleep. While chemical stimulants might allow a person to keep his or her eyes open, many substances will also make that driver more of a risk on the road. A finding of any drugs in the driver’s system will not bode well for the defendant when it comes to a truck accident lawsuit.

Frederick Maryland, Truck Crash Injuries

Truck crashes kill thousands of people every year. Most of the victims are those in passenger cars who share the road with these behemoths. Of course, many other people survive truck crashes but sustain severe, often life-altering injuries in the process.

The risk of serious injuries is greater for people who are in crashes with large trucks than it is for those in collisions with smaller passenger vehicles. Fractured bones, head trauma, paralysis, and other types of injuries often occur in these terrible wrecks.

The fact that truck crashes are more inclined to result in traumatic injuries is reflected in Maryland’s insurance laws. Truck companies are required to carry far higher minimum policies than are average drivers in the state.

Frederick, Maryland Negligence Claims

In Maryland, obtaining compensation in a truck crash requires that the injured person prove that the truck driver was negligent in causing the collision. The state follows “contributory negligence,” which means that if the injured person is even slightly at fault, he or she is prohibited from collecting from another at-fault individual. There is an exception in the case of seatbelt use. The failure to buckle up cannot be used against a person to claim that the victim was contributorily negligent.

Time to File in Frederick, Maryland

In Frederick, Maryland, a crash victim must file his or her claim within three years of the date of the collision. While this seems like a long time, procrastination can get you into trouble. It is best to hire an attorney early on and allow for plenty of time to negotiate the claim.

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At Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP, our experienced Frederick, Maryland truck crash attorneys understand how important your claim is to you and your family. Call us at 301-668-2100 to discuss your case.

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