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Maryland Workers' Compensation Attorneys > Baltimore Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Baltimore Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

In 1980, Mother Against Drunk Driving (MADD) was formed and with it, the drunk driving deaths have dropped by 50 percent. Still, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are about 800 injuries and 30 deaths per day that result from road collisions involving a drunk driver. There is no excuse to drive intoxicated in today’s society with taxis, rideshares, and other alternatives available. If you or a loved one has been injured due to the irresponsible act of a person driving drunk and causing a crash, it is time to hold them accountable for the damages you sustained. A knowledgeable Baltimore drunk driving accident attorney can help you compile a case to seek maximum compensation.

How Alcohol Impairs a Driver

It is illegal in all 50 states to drive with a blood alcohol level (BAC) above .08, although alcohol can impact a driver even at levels lower than that. At .08 BAC a driver has trouble concentrating, controlling their speed, and processing information such as road signs, turn signals of other vehicles, and more. Additionally, they do not have the same capability to make sound judgement calls and their reaction time will be slower. All of these changes increase the likelihood of a driver causing a crash with another vehicle.

Contributory Negligence in Maryland

Maryland adheres to the doctrine of contributory negligence, which means that an injured road user’s damages must be reduced by the degree of fault they had in the crash. For example, if a driver caused a collision by cutting off another driver on the highway by failing to check their mirror, but the driver they cut off was texting, both drivers are at fault. Let us assume the driver who failed to check their mirrors was 60 percent at fault, while the texting driver is found to be 40 percent at fault. The texting driver would only be able to sue for 40 percent of their claim’s true value due to contributory negligence. It may seem like all of the blame should be placed on the drunk driver, but in some cases the sober driver, in this case you, may be found partially at fault for causing the collision. It is your attorney’s job to make sure that fault is attributed correctly, and that the drunk driver who hit you takes all of the blame so you are able to receive the full amount of compensation you are owed.

Damages That Can Be Collected if You Were Injured in a Drunk Driving Crash

  • Medical bills;
  • Future medical expenses;
  • Lost wages;
  • Lost earning potential;
  • Property damage;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Disfigurement or disability; and
  • Loss of consortium.

Some damages are simple to calculate, such as medical bills for a hospital stay or surgery that has already occurred. Other damages, such as future medical expenses or lost earning potential can be more difficult to discern and require an attorney who has experience handling complex claims.

Contact a Baltimore Drunk Driving Car Crash Attorney Today

If you were injured in a crash with a drunk driver, it is time to speak with a skilled Baltimore drunk driving car crash attorney at Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP. We can guide you on what steps to take next and compile a strong case for compensation. Contact our offices at 800-248-3352 to schedule a free consultation today.

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